International Students

Since most of the courses we teach have an international market, we understand the need to create a learning experience that serves students from all over the world. The only requirement for being a student of Duke Williams is to be able to understand the language we use for online resources, that is English.

With tutor who has taught in the UK for several years and have had encounters with students from different continents and cultures we deeply understand the needs of all students.

We already have a database of students from Ghana, UK, USA, Gambia, Cameroon, Nigeria etc that we teach both in person and remotely.

Register as International Student


Do I have to visit Ghana to study with you

No necessarily. Our international students can either study with us remotely from his/her country or decide to travel to Ghana.

Do I qualify as an International student

Yes. Once you can read the information on this website in english you qualify to apply as an international student

Will l be given an admission letter

Yes. Once you apply.

Do you assist with resident permit

Yes we will assist you to get your resident permit.

Can I study online with you

Yes we have a comprehensive student portal for online studies